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In November 2013 I helped my friends at Gilded Audio produce and record The Transmitter Show—Words At a Distance a wackadoo radio project for Performa 13.


More radio plays and info at Hordaland Kunstsenter


The last one is my favorite because it features me, John Bollinger, and the mysterious Sticks Benedict.

Dear Both - Bedwyr Williams

Narrator - David Marcus

Third Touch - Tija Suttikul

Doctor - Miranda Wilson

Mr. W - Jonathan Huggins

Mrs. W - Diana Stahl

A Trial of Weeds - Kristin Tårnesvik & Espen Sommer Eide

Judge - Lew Gardner

Defense - Andrew Hendrick

Prosecution - Robin Wachsberger

I M OH About Things - Ingrid Furre

I - Christina Roussos

M - John Bollinger

OH - Sticks Benedict

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